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About Me

I have a history of working  professionally in the theatre and TV world as a performer. One of the most important elements in my life is the freedom of expression. I think I was very fortunate to be given the opportunity when I was young to be encouraged to express myself through dance then later singing and acting which lead on to an exciting and expressive career. This naturally led me to a creative transition into my present role.


 I have been qualified both in counselling/psychotherapy and supervision for over 15 years.  I trained mostly at the Gestalt Centre London, (with Gaie Houston for supervision). During that time I was employed at a reputable counselling charity in the South East.  Whilst there I worked firstly as a volunteer counsellor working with clients with great varying and diverse needs, then later after I qualified as a counselling supervisor, I remained at the service supervising their counsellors who were either qualified or in their final year of training.  At the same time I was also running my own successful counselling practice.  

I have taught counselling skills at Adult Ed colleges and previously taught drama, dance, singing and exercise/keep fit classes.   During this time as a teacher I was also enjoying a very successful career as a dancer singer and actor on TV film and stage. 

Now, because of my good and long experience of being a teacher, counsellor and a supervisor, I believe I offer a good and solid approach to my work.   All my experience has led me to a very integrative and inspired path to my  present supervision and counselling business.


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  • Adv Diploma Humanistic Counselling.

  • Post Graduate Diploma Gestalt Psychotherapy Studies London Gestalt Centre.

  • Diploma Gestalt Supervision Gestalt Centre London.

  • MBACP registered since 2001

  • As a clinical supervisor since 2007



  • Adults, 

  • Individuals 

  • Relationship Issues

  • Stress and trauma

  • Anxiety disorders

  • Individual & Group Supervision

My Approach

 I believe in building an honest safe trusting environment. Helping my clients to explore their own creativity self awareness and responsibility. Because of my history of working in the creative world, I feel I can help to encourage self expression, experimentation and a certain amount of risk taking, for example: Using some voice techniques or maybe experimenting with body language   All this of course we would only use if it was something you would like to try as I only work very much from your perspective.

"It begins with simple, mutual sharings of awareness which are narrowed toward and distilled into a meaningful theme."

(Joseph Zinker)


 I have worked as a supervisor for a long time and I feel very lucky, as there is always a wonderful experience for all of us constantly learning from each other, which enables each counsellor to develop  as creative innovative and inspiring therapists.

As a counsellor I can help you to believe in your own potential and make the changes you need to reach your goals. I will support you to build self awareness and self esteem and empower you to make choices so you take responsibility for your life. 


I really want to understand your world and give you the space and time that will be just for you from your point of view so you can feel more confident and at peace with yourself.


I offer warmth confidentiality and honesty and fun. I care deeply and hope I can give you the opportunity to have a full and satisfying life as that is truly every person's right.